Davide Corio

My IT career began in 2000 with an internship at a major IBM partner. This allowed me to enter the IT world after an academic career in a completely different field (agricultural science and technology).

Forced to work with legacy technologies even for that time, I discovered and fell in love with Python.

In 2003, together with other young pioneers, I founded Redomino. For several years, Redomino was a reference point in Italy for some Python-based technologies, such as Zope and Plone. With these technologies, I gained experience in the implementation of corporate intranet portals, document management systems, and content management systems, mainly for medium and large companies (Feltrinelli, Alstom, Unieuro, Sperlari, and many others). 

During this period, I also began working as an external collaborator for some United Nations agencies (ITC-ILO, UNICRI, UNESCO) and other government institutions such as the European Social Fund. For these organizations, I designed and implemented distance learning platforms. This collaboration lasted for 8 years, during which I was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge, not only technological but also cultural.

In 2007, I decided to further explore the world of enterprise software, as the concept of intranet began to merge with components from the business world. After some software selection, I discovered TinyERP.

Since 2008, thanks also to the diffusion of this software (first renamed OpenERP and then Odoo), I have contributed to the creation of the Italian Odoo community (now Odoo Italia APS). My main occupation has become consulting for the implementation of Odoo.
Today, I offer my services as a senior consultant for the functional and technical analysis of implementations, for the training of both technical and functional staff, and above all as a facilitator, streamlining the relationship between the end customer and the suppliers.